Sunday, January 13, 2013

Breaking Bass Drumstep mix

I don't know what it is about this mix, it could be the Drumstep, the Breaking Bad inspired name, the insane samples (Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones in a mix, sign me up!) or it could be the total insanity vibe DJ Solo has achieved here. Whatever, it kicks all sorts of ass.

01. Intro by Charlie Sheen
02. Scary Monsters on Cocaine (DJ SOLO Re-Edit) - Skrillex x Dirtyphonics x Eric Clapton x Grateful Dead
03. What's Good (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Demrick x Gambit
04. GO (DJ SOLO Re-Edit) - VIP Hacks
05. Magic Fountain (Royalston Drumstep Remix) - Art vs Science
06. A Mile In My Shoes - DJ SOLO
07. King Kong A Day In The System (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Self Scientific x The Beatles x Terravita
08. Michael Myers Lives (DJ SOLO CHOP) - Urban Assault x Knife Party x Modified Motion & Faction
09. Unruly (DJ SOLO Drumstep Edit) - Messinian, Boy Kid Cloud, Dirty Talk
10. Voice of The LaCokarons (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - La Coka Nostra x Rollz
11. Alex Jones Rules (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Shufunk (Dub Peddla Remix)
12. Bass Face (DJ SOLO's Gittin It Bootleg) - Datsik x DJ SOLO
13. Bassface (DJ SOLO's XXX Edit) - Flufftronix ft. The Freshest Kidz (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
14. Undah Yuh Skirt Feat. Mavado (Original Mix) - Zeds Dead
15. American Idiot (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Green Day x Tyke
16. Dancing Is My Life (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Magma Kum
17. Anyone Else But You - Moldy Peaches 1
8. Threshold - Sex Bob-omb
19. Vortex to Yonkers (DJ SOLO Drumming Solo)
20. In Yonkers on Crack (SOLO Edit) - Tyler The Creator
21. Stoned Immaculate (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Macky Gee x The Doors
22. Fok Julle Naaiers - Die Antwoord
23. Beastie Zombie Alien Apocalypse (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Beastie Boys x Vaski x Figure
24. Hold It Against me (DJ SOLO Drumstep Bootleg) - Britney Spears x DJ Tre
25. Bring It (DJ SOLO Shaolin Drumstep Edit) - Jeekoos x Wu Tang Clan
26. H3LP (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - The Beatles x Noisia
27. I Like Ninja Turtles (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - xKore (Squnto Remix)
28. Green Fingers feat. Desi Roots (DJ SOLO Drumstep Re-Fix) - Brotherhood Of Filth
29. Maliante De Dangebass (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Voltio x Kenji Kinetic
30. The 8-Bit Trooper (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Iron Maiden
31. One Eyed Vampire (Prod. By Johnny Juliano) - Ejay
32. Outro by Charlie Sheen 33. Dig Dug Theme Song - Yuriko Keino
34. Excerpt From: The Mist (in 3-D Sound) - Stephen King
35. We Hate You Please Die - Crash and The Boys
36. SOLO calls SHEEN

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